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Playboy TV

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    5/24/2014Times: 8pm-1am
    Location: Mount Airy Casino Resort
    Venue: Get Wet Ultra Pool
    312 Woodland Road, Mount Pocono , PA 18344
    Admission: $25


    Get Wet Ultra Pool Party with the Playboy Playmates! Featuring DJ Eddie Edge and DJ Dnial! Ladies wearing their best lingerie will enjoy complimentary admission. For non-hotel guest day passes, you must be 21 years or older. There will be no one under 21 allowed on Sundays. 21 and under will only be allowed from 8am -7pm the rest of the week.
    Playboy Playmates, Audrey Allen, Michelle McLaughlin., Val Keil, Crystal McCahill, and Allison Waite, Pamela Horton, Crystal McCahill, Carly Lauren, Britt Linn, Raquel Pomplun

    The Mt Airy casino in the Poconos is having the grand opening of their pool and having a bikini and lingerie party.
    The playmates will have photos that they will sign and pass out. You can not bring things to be signed and cameras. If you want a photo taken with a playmate then there will be a pro photographer there. You will be able to find the photo on their website later.


    The club opened at 8 PM. They entered at 9 PM in lingerie that usually covered their entire torso. The playmates were all that were advertised. No substitutes were there. After they took their seats next to stacks of head shot photos (I was later told it was 50), people started taking photos of them with phones and hand sized cameras. Nobody was being told to stop. I pulled my camera out of my pocket and did the same. If you got too close (about 10 feet) a security person told you to step back.poconos2-300x193

    After a while people lined up for a photo with all 10 playmates in one photo. After that was taken every playmate would sign a head shot personalized to you. You would get a stack of those signed photos when they were done. This continued to happen for over an hour. I got something to drink at the bar.where they had drink napkins with the PB bunny logo. There were many TVs throughout the club with a couple minute PB promo video of the history of PB, Hef, his quotes, PMs in bunny outfits and well known non nude photos of playmates from the mag.

    The line stopped and the pro photographers left, but people were still taking photos of them. A person in charge was allowing people to have photos taken of them with all 10 playmates with the person’s personal camera. Sometimes he took the photo. After this happened for a while, some people with magazines, calendars, individually printed photos and centerfolds made a few person line. Eventually, they were allowed to get them signed. This was around 11 PM. This was usually done one person at a time. They would get a few signed at a time then go to the next set. Sometimes they had to step away, but as time went on they got more and more relaxed and allowed the fans to stay there as the playmates signed.


    I asked the person in charge if I could get a photo with an individual playmate. He said I could do that closer to 2 AM since he expected the crowd to thin out greatly. That seemed to be their over arching concern. Be very restrictive in the beginning during the largest crowds and needs then get more lax as the need and crowds around the playmates went down. But, the club was still filling up.

    I had a photo taken with them around 11 PM with my camera, as well. I left around 11:30 PM since I didn’t think I would get much time to talk to the playmates by closing time since there was still a lot of need at 11:30. When I left there was still a line of people to get in.

    At the end of the first mass signing all the playmates left en mass. I asked if they would be coming back and were told they would be. I needed to go to the bathroom and left I found they all went into the bathroom in one shot. When I came back I saw them waiting to get back in. I tried to talk to Val, but was told that I couldn’t stop and needed to move on despite there not being anyone else there.

    In the end, I had very brief conversations with a few as I got into position to have my photo taken with them. I expressed my enthusiasm for them and told them who I was on social media since I contacted a few. Kayla Collins said I looked familiar. I was surprised since the last time I met her and had a long talk with her was at ComicCon in NYC two years ago.


    The club had a long pool in the middle with cabanas with fluffy cushioned sofas on the sides of the pool. It also had an outdoor area with cabanas as well. There were bars through out the club near the pool and outside. As the night wore on, many more women came in to the club with lingerie on since they could get in for free wearing lingerie. They were usually quite attractive. Some were very attractive.

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