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    Apparently, Britt Linn’s career didn’t find traction until she shaved her head. She did it for her sick mother. “My mother served as my inspiration. She never wore wigs; she just showed off her beautiful bald head, so I thought I’d shave my head, too,” She added, “I love my short hair. I think it’s helped me stand out.”

    Britt Linn was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. She was discovered on Facebook by a model scout. At the time, she worked as a surgical technician. Since then, shes been to New York City Fashion Week, participated in a Seventeen shoot and Playboy. “I burst into tears.”

    As for the modeling industry, Britt Linn said, “I love all the creative minds that collaborate to create beautiful fashion and images: everyone is so unique!”, She said surgeons are bigger divas than models. “There’s much more at stake in the operating room; it’s more intense, and there’s definitely a pecking order as to which person has what responsibility.”

    She told Playboy, “I’m so sex-driven, it’s not even funny. I check out guys; I check out girls. I have a crazy sex drive.” Her turn-ons are “humor. If I can’t laugh and be silly with a guy, it won’t last long.” Her turn-offs are “a severe ego. I can’t stand to be around a guy who shows he’s an ass and tears others down.” Her ambitions are “to make sure I live; really live; and discover new aspects of myself every day.”
    Britt Linn is a model probably best known for being Playboy’s Miss March 2014. She is the first shorthaired Playmate in over 15 years. Her measurements are 32B-23-35. She previously modeled under the name Britt Linn Vee.

    Britt Linn also hunts and can turn a deer into venison. “You’ve got to be careful [when cutting]; if you puncture the organs, it ruins the meat.”

    As for playing pool, she said, “I am very unsuspectingly good at pool. Guys will talk a lot and then we’ll bet; and I’ll beat them; and then suddenly a whole line of guys wants to play me.” She stays in shape, mainly by hopping off the subway early and making sure to walk a lot.

    Britt Linn described herself as a homebody. “I love coming home to my puppy and reading a good book with a glass of wine.” She loves going to the movies, though. “There’s something so cool about sitting down in a quiet room with strangers to experience the same thing together.”

    Britt Linn is married and resides in New York City.

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